Originally from Europe, Phil developed a passion for architecture and design at an early age.

Phil founded Euro Dream Custom Homes in 2012 after being frustrated with the lack of emphasis his previous contractor employer had towards the client relationship side of each job. The result? A company with a reputation for being attentive, knowledgeable and most of all honest and forthright. Phil’s longtime clients say that he is always on their side and consistently strives to protect their interests, not just those of the company. He sets realistic expectations before starting a project and keeps everyone informed throughout the whole process. Additionally, Phil’s small in-house team are known for being true professionals who are highly organized and competent in their respective fields of work.

An Architectural Digest favorite recognized for his meticulous attention to detail,  working closely with countless clients on stunning home builds & renovations. He has completely changed the negative connotation surrounding Vancouver contractors by combining the professionalism of a builder with the personable approach of an interior designer and knowledge of a real estate expert.

Phil and his projects have been featured. His work value driving & his client all wise appreciate the integrity he and his team have for every detail.

“After seeing Phil’s finished work I wish I would have used him on my project. I tried to manage it myself and it took an entire year and ended up being way over budget.”

Anthony, Vancouver, BC
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